222nm UltraViolet Lighting System

  • Mercury-free 222nm Ultraviolet lighting system
  • Reduction or elimination of surgical site infections without damage to human tissue
  • Reduction of Patulin in Apple Juice Products — 2.8 times more effective than mercury UV lamps
  • Inactivation of UV-resistant micro-organisms and enzymes — more effective killing action than mercury UV lamps
  • Nitrosodimethylamine (highly toxic industrial by-product) elimination in reclaimed and drinking water — 4 times higher degradation efficiency than mercury UV lamps


Full Specification Documents
  • No Mercury
  • No Lead
  • High Output
  • Instant on / off
  • Uniform output across lamp face
  • Flat & thin: 5mm thick
  • Full dimming
  • Electronic power supply with universal input: 100 – 260V / 50 – 60Hz
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