In their simplest form, microcavity discharge devices are small (1 µm to 10 mm) cavities in which gas discharges are constrained. Under proper conditions of gas pressure and cavity dimension, high power loadings can be achieved
which are favorable for generating excimer gas excitation. Current lamp products have a hybrid design where part of the initiation of the gas discharge is in a cavity which then interacts with a more open gas discharge volume.


Under special driving conditions, high power loadings can be achieved for high-intensity UV output. The patented microcavity technology allows increased gas pressure for high–intensity output while still maintaining lamp discharge uniformity without the formation of streamers.

The maximum intensities seen for various wavelengths have been:

  • 172 nm
  • > 200 mW/cm2
  • > 20 watts total UV
  • 222 nm
  • > 25 mW/cm2
  • > 2 watts total UV
  • phosphor
  • > 60 mW/cm2
  • > 5 watts total UV