Eden Park Illumination - UV Microplasma Lamp 1


Eden Park Illumination is dedicated to the development and manufacture of ultraviolet and visible emitting lamps, and light delivery systems, of unprecedented performance. Anchored in microcavity plasma technology conceived by the Laboratory for Optical Physics and Engineering at the University of Illinois, Eden Park lamps are built on 35 U.S. and international patents, as well as proprietary design and production processes invented and developed by Eden Park scientists and engineers. The company was founded in 2007 by Professors J. Gary Eden and Sung-Jin Park to commercialize lighting products that, because of the unique properties of microplasma arrays, have optical and physical characteristics not available previously. Drs. Eden and Park, as well as Dr. Cy Herring (President of Eden Park), are recognized worldwide as experts in the field of microplasmas and their applications.

Headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, the Eden Park team includes business and technology experts devoted to aggressively pursuing the performance limits of ultraviolet lamp technology and the extensive applications of high power ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet lamps in markets as diverse as semiconductor manufacturing, medical therapeutics, and water and surface disinfection. Federal grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Department of Defense, totaling several million dollars, have accelerated product engineering and the realization of advanced, high power lamps of exceptional intensity uniformity at wavelengths ranging from 172 nm to 308 nm. Eden Park is also committed to manufacturing products that are environmentally sound and, to that end, all Eden Park lamps are free of mercury and other toxic materials.

Our passion is the development and global application of ultraviolet lamps that overcome the limitations of conventional lamp technologies. Previous commercial ultraviolet lamps have suffered from several drawbacks (such as form factor and output power) that have restricted their potential impact on industrial processes and medical therapeutics, for example. As opposed to conventional ultraviolet lamps that are generally in the form of a cylinder, Eden Park lamps are flat and thin (less than 5 mm in thickness), and can be “tiled” when irradiance of large surface areas is desired. Our lamps provide light of extraordinary spatial uniformity- greater than 90% over the surface of a 4”x4” lamp- that eliminate the need for expensive optics often necessary to uniformly spread light from a cylindrical UV lamp onto a surface.

Most importantly, however, Eden Park lamps provide output power well beyond those available in the past. Our series of lamps emitting at 172 nm (vacuum ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum; 7.4 eV photon energy), for example, generates more than 10 watts of average power from a lamp of only 16 square inches (100 cm2) in surface area. Our largest, currently available lamps are 6”x6” (225 cm2) and provide almost 20 watts of power at 172 nm. These and other properties of Eden Park lamps have simply not been available in the past but they open the door to a broad range of applications such as the rapid disinfection of water and various surfaces, curing epoxies, improving the bonding of materials, treating medical conditions such as psoriasis, and minimizing or eliminating hospital-acquired infections.


Mercury-free, flat & thin UV lamps deliver high output and long life

  • VUV output is more than 100mW/cm²
  • Highly uniform output
  • 5mm thin
  • Instant on/off
  • Patented microcavity technology
  • Not temperature sensitive

The flat panel UV lamp from Eden Park Illumination is a patented gas discharge lighting platform that meets the demands of many UV disinfection, curing, surface treatment and medical applications.  The entire surface of the lamp produces uniform output without the use of reflectors or refractors.  The “instant on, full output” capability allows the lamp to be in operation only when needed, which results in power usage efficiency, cost reduction and extended product life.

Specific Output Wavelengths to meet specific application needs including disinfection, surface treatment, curing, bacteria elimination, skin treatment, bio-medical, and more:

  • 172nm
  • 222nm
  • 265nm
  • 308nm
  • 350nm