Far UV-C 222




Helping people get back together, in the light.


Use UVC 222 to 

Protect Open Spaces

Continuously inhibit pathogen growth in air and on surfaces to help promote healthier environments.

Recent Applications

Early adopters installing our 222nm lamps in various real world applications

NYC / Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch

with 222nm

Boll & Branch was looking for a way to give its shoppers peace of mind and to allow them to shop and test its products safely. They became the first retail store to install Far UV-C 222 light technology by Healthe Space using Eden Park 222nm lamps.

This cutting-edge technology will help increase protections for its customers and employees against the spread of harmful pathogens and viruses.

Cleveland / Baron’s Bus

safer TRAVEL

with 222nm

Private charter company, Baron’s Bus, is the first bus service in the nation to install Eden Park’s Far UV-C 222nm lamps in the Krypton light from Far UV Technologies, Inc. — helping reduce athogen pressure on travelers.

Baron’s Bus has installed a Far UV light in the interior of several buses to inhibit the concentrations of pathogens the passengers are breathing during their ride. They intend to eventually install the Far UV light in their entire fleet.

NYC / Bluestone Lane Cafe


with 222nm

Bluestone Lane needed a more efficient way to increase protections for locals and employees against the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Bluestone Lane became the first nationwide café chain to install Far UV-C 222 light technology to help protect customers and employees against the spread of harmful pathogens. They used Healthe’s downlights which contain Eden Park 222nm lamps.

Virginia / Mia’s Italian Kitchen

Far-UVC in Mia

with 222nm

Mia’s Italian Kitchen in Historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, turned to Far UV-C lights to stay open and keep customers safer.

The restaurant is now equipped with Eden Park’s 222nm lamp in Healthe’s ceiling-mounted air & surface lights to help protect employees, patrons in real-time.


New Jersey / 9600

9600 Condominiums

with 222nm

9600 became the first facility in New Jersey to install UVC-222 light technology to help protect its staff, residents and guests against the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria using state-of-the-art products from Healthe, installed at key touch and travel points throughout the facility, including the building’s lobby, gym and bathrooms.

One product is a ceiling downlight that combines general illumination with UVC 222 light to inhibit growth of pathogens in air and on surfaces. It is designed to replace traditional downlight canisters. These lights by Healthe use Eden Park 222nm lamps.

Alexandria Restaurant Partners

Outdoor Dining

with 222nm

Some DC area restaurants have installed special UV lights that are strong enough to kill viruses, but do not penetrate the diner’s skin. Using Eden Park’s 222nm lamp in Healthe’s downlight, Scott Shaw of Alexandria Restaurant Partners is embracing this new technology.

“You notice a really beautiful intense, white spot light right over the table which could look like a nice Italian light fixture,” said Shaw. “Behind the scenes it’s sending out its UV rays to keep the air clean. You don’t notice anything.”


222 nm lamp by Eden Park

Eden Park far uv-c 222