Economic Impact of Fast-Growing Disinfection Tech

Among the diverse array of businesses achieving the Inc 5000 honor, a unique trend has emerged. Companies specializing in disinfection technology for air and surfaces are not only making their mark in public health but also playing a pivotal role in job creation and economic advancement.
Eden Park to Launch MobileShield222 at CES: Introducing Continuous Disinfection for Personal and Crowded Spaces
Leveraging Far UV-C 222nm technology, MobileShield222™ is a mobile, hand-sized continuous disinfection...
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Eden Park makes Inc 5000 list - for the 3rd time!
Eden Park is excited to announce we’ve made the Inc 5000 list – for the third time! The Inc 5000 is the...
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Eden Park Introduces TrofferShield222 Continuous Disinfection to Create Safe and Healthy Indoor Commercial Spaces
Eden Park, an industry-leading manufacturer of Far-UVC technology for continuous disinfection of air...
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