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Eden Park Inc5000 2023
Eden Park makes Inc 5000 list - for the 3rd time!
Eden Park is excited to announce we’ve made the Inc 5000 list – for the third time! The Inc 5000 is the...
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Eden Park Introduces TrofferShield222 Continuous Disinfection to Create Safe and Healthy Indoor Commercial Spaces
Eden Park, an industry-leading manufacturer of Far-UVC technology for continuous disinfection of air...
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Elementary-age students riding school bus
Eden Park Introduces BusShield222, the First Germicidal Far-UVC Solution Dedicated to Continuous Disinfection of School Buses.
Eden Park, an industry-leading manufacturer of Far-UVC technology for continuous disinfection of air...
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An excimer lamp to provide far‐ultraviolet C irradiation for dining‐table disinfection
Dining tables may present a risk to diners by transmitting bacteria and/or viruses. Currently, there...
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Journal of Cleaner Production
Microplasma ultraviolet radiation integrated with electrochemical in situ generation of hydrogen peroxide...
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Demonstration of Antiviral Activity of far-UVC Microplasma Lamp Irradiation against SARS-CoV-2
The effectiveness of Eden Park 222 nm lamps on COVID-19...
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Far UV-C Task Force, International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA)
Far UV-C Radiation: Current State-of Knowledge...
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Nature/Scientific Reports
Predicting airborne coronavirus inactivation by Far UV-C in populated rooms using a high-fidelity coupled...
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Article_10-27-2020_New manufacturing training academies coming to Illinois
Our visit from Gov. JB Pritzker
Gov. JB Pritzker announced a new manufacturing training academy initiative while visiting Eden Park...
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The Power of Light: Fighting COVID-19 and Future Pandemics with Far UV
The science of human-safe UV technology has the potential to deactivate the COVID-19 virus (and other...
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Dr. David Brenner - TED Talk: Can light stop the coronavirus?
Far-UVC light is a type of ultraviolet light that kills microbes and viruses and, crucially, seems to...
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Exploratory clinical trial on the safety and bactericidal effect of 222-nm ultraviolet C irradiation...
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Article_8-1-2020_Eden Park responds to the pandemic
Wall Street Journal
EPI responds to the world pandemic...
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UVC germicidal devices: what consumers need to know...
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Phoseon Technology
Best wavelengths for disinfection in the age of Sars-CoV-2 (coronav-virus)...
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Science Daily
Far UV-C light safely kills airborne coronaviruses, study finds...
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Nature/Scientific Reports
Far UV-C light (222 nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses...
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Far UV-C safely and effectively kills airborne coronaviruses
More than 99.9% of seasonal coronaviruses present in airborne droplets were killed when exposed to a...
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Article_6-18-2020_Back to Normal An Old Physics Route to Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Indoor Spaces
ACS Nano
Back to Normal: An Old Physics Route to Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Indoor Spaces...
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Dr. David Brenner - Far UV-C Light to Limit Airborne Viral Transmission
David Brenner, PhD, Higgins Professor of Radiation Biophysics and Environmental Health Sciences, Director...
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Elsevier - Chemical Engineering Journal
Inactivation of microorganisms by newly emerged microplasma UV lamps...
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Our feature on Fox Business News
Grady Trimble of "Mornings with Maria: spoke to our CEO, john Yerger, about the promising application...
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International in the News
US approves new coronavirus antigen test with fast results...
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Medical Xpress
Tests show UVC lamps could light the way in virus fight...
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International Business Times
UV light which kills flu viruses can also eliminate coronavirus by decontaminating the air...
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ABC News
An ultraviolet light may help fight spread of novel coronavirus...
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Becker's Hospital Review
Ultraviolet technology shines new light on COVID-19 infection prevention...
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Edison Report
Seoul Viosys’ Violeds Tech, with proven 99.9% Sterilization of New Covid-19 in 30 seconds, now adopted...
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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Researchers studying ultraviolet technology to dampen virus...
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Repetitive irradiation with 222nm UVC shown to be non-carcinogenic & safe for sterilizing human skin
Wide ranging antibacterial & antiviral applications in medical fields and daily life...
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Kobe University
Long-term Effects of 222-nm ultraviolet radiation C Sterlizing Lamps on Mice Susceptible to Ultraviolet...
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Nature/Scientific Reports
A New Tool to Control the Spread of Airborne-mediated Microbial Devices...
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Dr. David Brenner - A new weapon in the fight against superbugs
Since the widespread use of antibiotics began in the 1940s, we've tried to develop new drugs faster than...
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Malayeri, Mahseni, Cairns & Bolton
Fluence (UV Dose) Required to Achieve Incremental Log Inactivation of Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses and...
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