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Thin 222 nm UV Lamps

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Eden Park’s lamps have led the way in flat panel UV innovation. Now, our Far UV-C lamp offers a way to inhibit the growth of harmful viruses and bacteria in densely populated spaces. Amid threats like COVID-19, it’s a science-backed solution to help return our communities to a newer, healthier normal.

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EPA Establishment #100177-IL-1 Eden Park Illumination

Eden Park Obtains EPA Registration

May 2021 | Eden Park Illumination has obtained company and establishment registrations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the manufacture of its patented Far-Ultraviolet-C (Far UV-C) lamp assemblies.

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Fox Business News

Grady Trimble of “Mornings With Maria” spoke to our CEO, John Yerger, about the promising application of our thin 222 nm UV lamps for safely disinfecting populated spaces.

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222 nm Technology: A Game-Changer

Not all ultraviolet light is created equal. UV wavelengths 222 nm and above are effective for killing or destroying bacteria and viruses. But unlike 254nm to 257nm wavelengths which, while effective, can represent significant risks to human cells, 222nm represents an effective and significantly safer alternative.

Eden Park technology separates a certain part of UV: Far UV-C or 222 nm. And it is that wavelength that studies show to be both effective at reducing pathogen concentrations, and safer for humans occupying the space.* Eden Park technology (in flat panel, thin 222 nm UV lamps) offers a vital element to help mitigate the spread of airborne pathogens in populated indoor spaces, including factories, submarines, aircraft carriers, planes, waiting rooms, restaurants and more.

It’s important to know that 222 nm UV light is not appropriate for direct treatment of people or for ingestion.


Tests show that Eden Park’s 222nm lamps could be more effective at killing the novel coronavirus than standard UV lights.**


Eden Park lamps do not contain mercury, making them a sustainable option.

long life

Eden Park lamps range from 2,000 to 6,000 hours’ worth of lifetime.

thin & flat

Eden Park’s modular design makes them perfect for tiling, providing uniform illumination of large surface areas. And they’re easy to clean.

*As with any pathogen inhibition technology, each specific application and fixture design should be created in consideration of all applicable health, safety and efficacy implications.  Eden Park has partnerships with fixture design companies that can assist in this process.

**Based on preliminary results gathered across five independent studies, the final results of which are forthcoming.


American Technology in Action

For the Global Good

Developed based on innovations by Dr. Gary Eden and Dr. Sung-Jin Park from the world-leading College of Engineering at the University of Illinois, Eden Park lamps are the result of years of research and engineering iteration, creating devices with specific wavelengths of UV light in a thin, flat format. This design opens the door for a wide range of commercial applications.

In the face of threats like COVID-19, our work-spaces and meeting places need safer, effective solutions that will allow us to return to a new normal. Eden Park’s thin 222 nm UV lamps, also known as Far UV-C, are made in Champaign, Illinois, for communities across the globe. They work to continuously inhibit the growth of pathogens over 100 times smaller than human cells. And unlike longer wavelengths, 222 nm cannot penetrate human skin. When deployed properly, it’s a safer way to use UV lamp technology, starting today.

A new Normal

Our businesses and communities need solutions that can bring us back together, safer and more prepared than before. If you’re ready to find out how Eden Park thin 222 nm UV lamps can address your business needs,
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A Scientific Community-Wide Effort 

All over the world, universities and labs are exploring Far UV-C. Dr. David Brenner, a pioneer in the use of 222 nm UV light for disinfection, has partnered with Eden Park in studies for the National Institute of Health and has released peer reviewed papers demonstrating results over the years. His findings, and those of other researchers, are extremely promising.


The Full Eden Park Technology Suite

Our commitment is to help our customers create a safer environment.
Our technology enables them to reduce viruses and pathogens in air and on surfaces.

Public Space Disinfection:

222 nm Wavelength

Dimensions: from 12×12 mm to 100×100 mm

Thickness: 3 mm

Intensity: from 1.2 mW/cm2 to 4 mW/cm2

Total power: up to 500 mW

Lifetime: 3000 hours

Standard product: 50 mm x 50 mm, 1.3 mW, 3000 hours

Eden Park offers a series of lamps that provide manufacturing and product solutions.

In the past, commercially available lamps were cylinders or tubes, making the illumination of large areas non-uniform. Our flat ultraviolet lamps are made possible through patented microcavity, microplasma excimer technology and enable more effective direct light onto surfaces.

In addition to our thin 222 nm UV lamps, Eden Park carries an assortment of lamps at differing wavelengths including 147 nm, 172 nm, 220-280 nm and 308 nm that address important needs across the commercial use spectrum. 

Eden Park lamps can be easily tiled to provide illumination of large surface area. These products can have various geometries, beyond square.

A Unique Design

Eden Park Illumination’s patented microplasma technology has been developed and honed over more than a decade. This enables each version of our unique flat, thin lamp to produce a specific wavelength of UV light that is ideally suited to a specific purpose.

Business Applications

OEM partners are designing Eden Park lamps into products for control of harmful pathogens. For three years, our 222nm lamps have been utilized in materials analysis and identification. With our newer thin 222 nm UV lamps, Eden Park partners are designing products for Restaurants, Offices, Schools, Senior Centers, Airports, and more . . . 

safer schools


safer dining


safer travel



safer hospital


safer living


Eden Park Leadership

John Yerger


John Yerger

Cy Herring


Cy Herring

John Regan

VP Business Development

John Regan

Dave Stover

VP Operations

Dave Stover

Dr. Sung-Jin Park

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Sung-Jin Park

Michael McCullough

Chief Financial Officer

Michael McCullough


Dr. Gary Eden


Dr. Gary Eden

Eden Park In the News

Our thin 222 nm UV lamps are generating buzz…

“EPI responds to the world pandemic . . .”

The Wall Street Journal

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