Even after spraying, fogging and hand cleaning,  children bring their home grown viruses into the bus and easily share with everyone (including drivers and staff) in the bus. By the time they get off the bus, its too late.
We are here to help! For the first time, you will fundamentally change the entire atmosphere within your vehicles – old or new, electric, gas or diesel with our:

The First Germicidal Far UV-C Solution Dedicated to Continuous Disinfection of EVERY School Bus

  • ERADICATE almost every airborne & surface virus, such as COVID, flu, RSV, within seconds after it is shared by humans within your enclosed environment.
  • KEEP your passengers safe without changing their behavior – whether there’s a pandemic, flu season, or any other virus.
  • PROTECT bus drivers while driving the petri dish daily. They will not worry about their next sickness or fear going to work.

The inside of your buses will have continuous disinfection of the air and surface from the first rider in the morning until the driver locks up their bus in the evening.

For $3 a day, you can  be sure that every bus is safe and everyone who gets on and off the bus protected.

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